New Build

New Build

Participation in designing and building of your own superyacht will certainly bounce you to another level of excitement. A professional team with extensive knowledge in new building and well-connected network to the shipyards worldwide will enable you to receive your dream yacht without any concern.

HO Yacht has a strong team of naval architects, technical managers, project managers and marine engineers which can monitor the whole construction process and ensures the highest quality standards are achieved. The major responsibilities for the new build team are:

  1. Advise on the feasibility of the owner’s idea and polish the design of the yacht
  2. Choose the appropriate designer and reliable shipyard
  3. Negotiate the contract with the shipyard and assist with the drawing up to the detailed specifications
  4. Work with the interior designer and shipyard to assure the relevant designs are met with the specific requirements
  5. Complement shipyard’s own resources, the team will assist to resolve any technical difficulties. In addition, our project manager who represents the owner in the shipyard will also advise on the scheduling, supervise the building process and provide regular progress report for owner’s review.
  6. Participate in the sea trials and fine-tune the complex yacht’s system in order to resolve any last-minute issues before delivery of the yacht

Let’s create your dream yacht together and enjoy the exciting building process with us.



Refitting your superyacht is also one of the many services which HO Yacht can offer to you. Our naval architects, project managers, marine engineers, interior designers and refit specialists will provide you all-rounded renovation so as to ensure the refit projects are up to owner’s specifications and cost efficient.